This year, I thought I would revise my website  into what I suppose modern parlance would call a blog, making it more informal and sharing my thoughts on art and other things with you. As I  mentioned on the homepage, I believe all forms of art should speak for themselves, and I detest the the wordy and frequently unintelligible  effusions that so often accompany the visual arts these days. However, there are some helpful  things that can be said which can be informative, both with regards to how an artwork has come about and its raison d'être

I have also added two extra links from this page. The first deals with general and varied reflections under the title of Views from a French Lavatory, which I hope to continue  from time to time.

The second link is to some of my poems. I have produced these for as long as I have painted and sculpted. Many of them reflect similar concerns; some are direct reflections of sculpture I have produced; and others are a reflection of my life as a farmer.

One of the attractions of commission work for me is  that it develops into a conversation  between artist and client.  The nature of a blog is, as I understand it, that it also carries the possibility of  becoming a conversation. Therefore, if you have any comments you would like to make, do email me at and I will  reply.


65th Salon International de Pont de Cheruy, 13th - 28th April.
(At the private view, I was awarded the  Grand Prix du Salon for sculpture)

67th Hertford Art Society Open Exhibition. 5th - 18th May
(I was a judge at this long standing exhibition, at which Henry Moore exhibited work)

New Work

Conspiracy of Silence

conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy

I was recently asked to produce a sculpture of “the three wise monkeys,” to which I agreed - with the proviso that they would not be monkeys, and not sitting in a row.

This is, in fact, fair enough, since although the image of the monkeys is very ancient, and the association of monkeys with wisdom in eastern culture long standing, it appears that this is partly because the word monkey is a play on the Japanese word for wisdom, so it is possible that the monkeys themselves might be an afterthought.

Whatever, I wanted to present the image in human form, and as the idea developed, it took on a different direction altogether. The covered eyes, ears and mouths became a representation of those individuals and groups who cannot speak for themselves or if they can, dare not;  for those who, if they do speak,  are not listened to, or are ignored by wilful blindness.  The sculpture has therefore become an image of repression and suppression, and of the anxiety that goes with them. It is a call - that might also go unheard - against that disregard and fear of expression which have, across the centuries, been imposed by individuals; political, religious and other groups; by desensitized bureaucracies; and perhaps, most insidiously, by fashions of thought.

It is my hope that I might be presented with a situation where this 34 cm high sculpture could become the maquette for a large scale work.


Three articles by me  have been published, or are to be published, this year:

Sculpting St. Edmund in Quad, the Oxford Alumni magazine

The Medium isn't the Message, and Reconstructing Notre Dame in the art magazine The Jackdaw.


Arctic Tern


Commissioned by Inchcape Shipping as a commemorative retirement gift  for a presentation in Copenhagen


Saint Andrew, the Fisher of Men
  Saint Andrew's Minster Church, Plymouth


Information about this fascinating project can be seen on My intentions and more images of the completed work can be seen by clicking on the image above. Additional coverage can be found in an article in the Plymouth Herald.

Richard Hale


A bust of Richard Hale, who founded a grammar school in Hertford now named after him, was unveiled in December 2016 to commemorate the school's quatercentenary this year, in advance of a service held in St. Paul's Cathedral to commemorate the event.

Exhibitions in Lyon and Zillisheim


In December, I won Le Grand Prix de Sculpture at Art-inter's Grand Prix International des Créateurs du Siecle, at the Palais de Bondy in Lyon.

In October I was invité d'honneur at the Salon International des Arts at Zillisheim in Alsace (

In April, at the Salon d'Art du ColombIier, St. Arnoult-en-Yvelines, I was awarded the medal for the sculpture most popular with children.

I also exhibited at Regarde sur l'oeil at Oust (Ariege) in July, and at Le Tour d'Art at Trie-sur-Baïse (Haut Pyrenées) in August.


Exhibition in Foix.

I was invited to exhibit at the Galerie du Lycée Gabriel Fauré in Foix, Ariege,  from September to December. The gallery, sited within the beautiful surroundings of the lycée, is linked with Les Abattoirs, the Museum of Modern Art in Toulouse. The vernissage  took place on the 26th September, shared with the well known British painter David Saunders.


Lycée Gabriel Fauré


St. Edmund in Cambridge
A third bronze casting of St. Edmund of Abingdon was installed in December at St. Edmund's College Cambridge in front of the chapel, within a fine new architectural refurbishment.



The Gift


Rodney with  Angela Fisher (left) and other members of the sculpture committee after the unveiling of The Gift at St. Richard's Hospital, Chichester.

This public commission  involved life-sized sculpture for hospitals in West Sussex to promote and celebrate organ donation. The works at St. Richard's Hospital in Chichester and at Worthing Hospital were unveiled in April 2014.

Alfred Russel Wallace

A 2.4m high exterior wall relief of the renowned naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace was unveiled in October 2014 in Hertford, the town where Wallace attended the Grammar School. Dr. George Beccaloni from the Natural History Museum who is chairman of the Wallace Fund, performed the unveiling.

Rodney with Dr. George Beccaloni at the unveiling.

I was presented with a copy of Avi Sirlin's fascinating new novel about Wallace, The Evolutionist by the publisher Aurora Metro Books , for review. This can be seen here.


We are running an increasing number of painting holidays in the Pyrenees from our house there, which won ITV's May the Best House Win - Vive la France,  screened on 4th October 2012, which is also let for gite rental.


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