My work as an animalier began when I was exhibiting at the Chelsea Flower Show, where I was frequently asked to produce portraits of people's pets. Up until that time, most of my work had been with the human form, but I soon discovered that, at the point described by Alexander Pope as that where "husbands or when lapdogs breathe their last" it is usually the lapdog that wins. Dead and dying pets ( and the occasional live one) became, for a while, my bread and butter. Animals both domestic and wild have continued  and in 2005 I  won the gold medal for sculpture at the 11th Salon d'Art du Colombier at St. Arnoult-en-Yvelines, near Paris, for my fox, "Interrupted". In 2006 at the 12th Salon, "Leaping Fox" was awarded the medal for the sculpture most popular with children.
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Fallow Deer
Fallow Deer
hares                     lions
March Hares                                                              Lionesses 



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