"We do not know how to represent the body and do not believe in the existence of the soul" - Kenneth Clark

A challenge if ever there was one for a sculptor whose first love is the human form! - especially at a time when life-drawing is dismissed as valueless in many modern art schools.

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St. Edmund of Abingdon
St. Edmund of Abingdon (St. Edmund Hall, Oxford)

wallace                        gift
Alfred Russel Wallace (Hertford)                                  The Gift (Western Sussex Hospital Trust) 

St. George & the Dragon                       Europa & the Bull
St. George & the Dragon                                                     Europa & the Bull  (Wyeth Europa)

Adam & Eve                   Daphne                      Woman with Urn 

The Creation of Adam & Eve                        Daphne                                       Woman with Urn

St. Edmund maquette                        Europa maquette
St. Edmund maquette                                                   Europa maquette



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