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Public Commissions
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Project Blackjack (St. John Baptist Church, Cirencester) 2021
Saint Andrew (The Minster Church, Plymouth) 2017
Richard Hale (Richard Hale School, Hertford) 2016
Alfred Russel Wallace (Hertford) 2014
The Gift (Chichester and Worthing Hospitals) 2014
St. Edmund of Abingdon (Oxford University 2007, recast for Cambridge University 2015, and St. Edmund's College, Ware 2011)
Europa & the Bull (Wyeth Europa Pharmaceuticals) 2003
St. George & the Dragon (Perth Cathedral, Australia) 2009. A shortlist of 10 from 98 international entries
Prospero (Design for wall of the Grand Opera House, Belfast) 2005. A shortlist of 2
Rodney Munday- Sculptor Much Hadham, Herts SG10 6BB UK Miramont, 09140, Oust, Ariege, France Phone +44(0)1279 843652 (UK) +33(0)561 964672 (France) Mobile 07981 472751 email
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