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Rodney works with clay, wax, or plaster to produce sculpture to be cast in bronze. He normally takes the first casting from the mould in bronze resin (sometimes called "cold-cast bronze") to act as a reference copy for the foundry, and frequently will run an edition the same size as the bronze edition in bronze resin. Correctly produced, bronze resin has a high bronze content at the surface, which will weather extremely well. Whilst there is a considerable price advantage to bronze resin, it has to be said that it is not bronze. Where price or weight are important considerations however, it can be an attractive alternative.  Stone resins are also available for a few works where this is appropriate, as an alternative to bronze resin within the same edition. As a rough guide on price, bronze resin tends to be about half the price of bronze.

Most sculpture is available in editions of either 8 or 9. A certain amount of cast work is held by the artist and in galleries, otherwise it is cast to order. Delivery time for the latter, dependent upon size and material is normally 8-16 weeks. Commission work is currently completing in 20-30 weeks.

Please contact us for prices.

waxedm                                     patination
Preparation of wax (Bronze Age foundry)                                   Patination (Paul Joyce foundry)

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